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The Kimberley Marine Research Station is funded by the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm to help achieve a dedication in the pursuit of a world in which a pearl farmer lives in greater harmony with their environment.

The Kimberley falls within the remaining 3.7% of the world’s oceans least impacted by humans. The Kimberley Marine Research Station provides the opportunity in the Kimberley for marine scientists to work safely and cost effectively, providing the infrastructure and local knowledge in an otherwise remote and hard to access location.

Located two and a half hours drive north of Broome in Western Australia, via a sealed road, the operational research station is an ideal base for on-site research, equipped with accommodation, catering, vessel charter, transport, logistical assistance, aquaculture and marine laboratory facilities.

The large 11 meter tides makes the area a marine wilderness experience rather than a diving location. Untouched and unspoiled the region has a northern ‘wet season’ climate, exposed to tropical buildup storms.

The Kimberley Marine Research Station offers research teams and interns with a unique and iconic Australian educational, conservation and research opportunity.

Intern Program

An intern program is available for honours in Marine Science, Conservation Biology or Zoology or Masters in Marine Biology, Conservation Biology or Zoology. Participants have the chance to live onsite for an extended period, with all meals and accommodation provided. Interns spend 50% of their time on intern duties and 50% of their time on their own research project.


Dan Brown began the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm story in 1945, with little more than a tent, he set out in pursuit of the lustrous pearl.

Today Dan Brown’s grandson, James Brown, continues the story at the oldest family-owned Australian pearl fam and the first and only fully-operational marine research facility in the Kimberley. With a belief in provenance, education and transparency, in 2009 Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm developed and continues to fund the Kimberley Marine Research Station, dedicated to supporting research that benefits the marine environment and the wider community.