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Surrounded by sea on three sides, the tip of the Dampier Peninsula is Bardi Jawi country. The traditional owners are saltwater people and includes three of the larger communities on the peninsula: Djarindjin, Lombadina, and Ardyaloon (One Arm Point).

Bardi Jawi Community

The Bardi Jawi name comes from two language dialects, Bardi from the mainland and Jawi from Iwany (Sunday Island). They are some of the first people to appreciate the beauty, mystery and power of the pearl shell (Guwan).

Traditionally shells were collected by hand, then sped and engraved into Riji and used in ceremony, dress and trade. This tradition and art is still practised today.

The the Kimberley Marine Research Station is situated in this spectacular country and we have close ties to the Bardi Jawi people.

Together we are committed towards creating a better future for everyone.