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the first fully operational marine research facility in the Kimberley

The planet’s last great tropical wilderness.

Cygnet Bay, Western Australia

Facilitating truly independent marine research.

The Kimberley region is one of the largest, intact tropical marine ecosystems on the planet. The region is occupied by fewer people than almost anywhere on Earth, with a population density of 1 person per 12.5 square kilometres.

Intern using small boat
Intern diver completing coral research
Internships in the Kimberley
Interns and crew on sealegs
Kimberley Coastline Research
Pearl and marine research

exploration and discovery

Research supporting science & education.

Our mission is to facilitate truly independent marine research, exploration and discovery throughout marine and coastal environments in the Kimberley region.

Environment & Australian Pearls

A story of sustainable pearls.

Discover the untold story of how an unknown Aussie battler came to help birth the Australian pearling industry.

We’re more dedicated than ever in our pursuit of a world in which a pearl farmer lives in greater harmony with their environment.