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Discover more about the Kimberley Marine Research Station programs and how our collected research is positively impacting the environment and farming industry for the better.

Innovation & sustainability jewels in WA pearl farmer’s crown

Published by National Farmers’ Federation -December 2021

Read how innovation, diversity and sustainability research and development help overcome biosecurity, climate and market challenges in the Pearl industry.

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Iceland, Cook Islands and other places a marine science degree could take you

Published by University of WA – 02 December 2020

Natalie Prinz talks about her scientific internship at the Kimberley Marine Research Station. Read how her love of the ocean took her around the world and helped shape her career in the Kimberley.

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$5m grant to turbocharge aquaculture research in the north

Published by James Cook University – 27th July 2021

The research hub will partner with Mainstream Aquaculture Group, Seafarms Group, Cygnet Bay Pearls, The Company One, Sea Forest, the Australian Genome Research Facility and the University of Queensland, to transform the productivity and disease tolerance of the five species.

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Broken Bay Pearls at centre of new study

Published by Daily Telegraph -14th February 2018 

Broken Bay Pearls is the only Akoya pearl farm in NSW and it’s producing gems of amazing colour and quality. A new study has sought to unravel the mystery of how and why.

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Limits to the thermal tolerance of corals adapted to a highly fluctuating, naturally extreme temperature environment

Published by Nature -2nd December 2015

Kimberley Marine Research Station conducted a bleaching experiment to to test the thermal resilience of the Kimberley coral.

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Australia’s oldest natural pearl found in an excavation uncovered by UNE researchers

Published by University of New England -19th June 2015

Read how a 2000-year-old natural marine pearl was discovered in the remote north west Kimberley coast of Western Australia.

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